Child Behavior Issues Specialist

As an experienced adult and child psychiatrist in Forest Hills, Brooklyn in New York, Dr. Bhojani uses a compassionate, holistic approach to child behavior issues, employing techniques that use medication only as needed to discover and treat the underlying causes of anger, anxiety, sadness and other issues that may affect behavior.


What are the most common types of behavioral issues that affect children?

Children can display many of the same behavioral issues as adults, but because they likely have not learned alternative methods of coping, the responses and reactions may often appear more significant. Common behavioral issues include difficulty controlling anger and having frequent angry outbursts, crying easily, extreme nervousness and anxiousness, and other issues that can manifest in hitting, biting, self-injury, sleep problems, poor school performance, eating disorders and problems interacting socially or making friends. Without proper treatment, child behavior issues can persist into adulthood, resulting in significant mental health issues that can have lifelong impacts.

How can psychiatry help children overcome behavioral issues?

Childhood is a period of growth and development not just of the physical body, but of the mind and emotions as well. During childhood, we develop feelings of self-esteem and self-worth that can have an immediate impact on behavior as well as long-term consequences for our adult lives. Psychiatry works by identifying the underlying causes of behavioral issues and helping children learn positive behaviors that can help them take control of their own lives and development. For many children, having someone to listen to them and teach them new behaviors is an empowering experience. Child psychiatrists are also skilled in the use of medications used to address imbalances in brain chemistry that can cause or contribute to many mental health and behavioral conditions, including ADD, OCD, depression and anxiety disorders.

Are medications safe for children?

Yes; while holistic approaches to treatment always receive initial consideration, medications can play a pivotal role in managing underlying chemical imbalances that can contribute to many mental health issues. Experienced child psychologists are skilled in dosing management techniques that can help assure children receive the appropriate dose, performing continual evaluations to support adjustments as needed.



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