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Declining school performance in children can occur for many reasons. Dr. Bhojani helps families in and around the Forest Hills section of Brooklyn, New York, get to the root of issues that may be affecting their child's school work and participation, providing holistic avenues for effective, long-term results.


What causes declining school performance in children?

Poor school performance can be caused by many factors, including issues in physical health as well as emotional issues which may arise as a result of external conditions, from chemical imbalances in the brain or from life changes such as puberty. If a child's school performance suddenly takes a turn for the worse, having a comprehensive medical exam is the first step in care so physical problems like vision issues or chronic diseases can be ruled out. Once your child's overall physical health has been established, working with a child psychiatrist is the next step in understanding the issues your child may be facing so they can be effectively managed.

How do child psychiatrists help children whose school performance has declined?

The first step in treatment is learning what factors are contributing to the decline in performance, and that begins with “talk” therapy to help your child “open up” about issues that are occurring in their lives. Once underlying causes have been identified, cognitive behavioral therapy and other methods can be used to help children learn how to manage negative thoughts or behaviors like anger or anxiety. In some cases, medication may help by lessening symptoms of anxiety or depression or addressing issues like ADD. Never assume a decline in school performance reflects a lack of ambition or interest or “sheer laziness” on the part of your child. School performance can be an accurate metric for identifying serious underlying medical issues, including abuse, depression and other factors, that require intervention in order to ensure the continued health of your child.

Is it safe for my child to take medication of emotional or mental health issues?

Yes, the medications used in the treatment of children's mental health issues have been vigorously tested, and ongoing management and evaluation during treatment ensures dosing is appropriately adjusted according to your child's specific needs.



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