Medication Management Specialist

Dr. Bhojani uses meticulous techniques for medication management in her patients in Forest Hills, Brooklyn area of New York, relying on medicine only as needed to improve therapeutic results so patients can relieve anxiety, anger, depression and other issues that may be interfering with their quality of life.


How does medication management help with therapy?

For healthy and normal function, the brain relies on complex chemical interactions to help us process thoughts and develop feelings and responses that are appropriate and necessary in order to experience a “normal” and healthy quality of life. While some emotional issues arise from external causes, many issues involve an underlying imbalance in the brain's chemistry, resulting in abnormal responses and reactions that can have a major impact on the way we feel about ourselves, interact with others and react to situations and stimuli. People with substance abuse issues may also have alterations in their brain chemistry that can affect mood and responses. Medications can help stabilize these imbalances by promoting normal chemical responses, helping us be more open and receptive to other therapeutic techniques so we can experience long-lasting and positive outcomes.

What kinds of medications are involved in psychiatric pharmacotherapy?

There are many different medications that can be used, depending on the issues you're experiencing, including anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications and medications to help control compulsive and obsessive behaviors, manage PTSD symptoms, and treat issues like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Many new medications have been introduced in recent years that reduce the risk of potential side effects and work very well in a more holistic approach to mental health care. Used in combination with other therapeutic techniques, medication can make patients more receptive to learning new behaviors and responses that can help them lead happier lives.

Are medications used in psychiatry safe?

Yes, today's medications are very safe and have undergone rigorous testing and successful clinical trials long before reaching the marketplace. The key to effective use of medications lies in medication management, an ongoing process of evaluating efficacy and adjusting dosing during treatment to ensure each patient receives the most appropriate care.


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    "The space feels very safe and good questions are asked to fully understand and target the problem."

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  • "Dr. Bhojani was very personable, compassionate and well put together. She was very knowledgeable and hospitable."

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    "Dr. Bhojani is a great listener, remembers what you tell her, explains things, informative and patient."

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    "She is a wonderful psychiatrist, caring, empathetic towards your problems, soft spoken and yet very knowledgeable."

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    "I highly recommend her for anybody who is looking for a trustworthy, fair and knowledgeable psychiatrist."

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